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Scripting and server based computing

Forcing PN Agent address with Group Policies

On last year, with Presentation Server client version 10.x Citrix finally introduced a template .adm to administration of clients configurations through Windows Group Policies. This icaclient.adm template is very useful to ensure to you that all configurations were applied to all users that you want.

With this .adm you can do somethings like:

  • Configure single Sign-On for Web Interface
  • Set other user authentication configurations
  • Force policies of drive mapping, printers, microphone, clipboard, etc
  • Force graphics settings like SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration and SpeedScreen Latency Reduction
  • Simple client version control

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.ADM with Regional Settings using United Kingdom as default

Is very common find applications that works only with a specific configuration on Control Panel / Regional Settings.  And change this configuration on all users profile can be very big headache, then save these lines below as a .adm file and include on your policy.

Default settings are configured to British standard but you can change the values as you wish. To be easier, you can set all configurations on your Regional Settings and compare the values on HKEY_Current_UserControl PanelInternational on your Registry.

CATEGORY “Control Panel”
POLICY International
KEYNAME “Control PanelInternational”

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