Roberto Alves

Scripting and server based computing

Re-enable toolbars in Excel 2003

Sometimes you can be very surprised with the amount of irresponsible people doing some code as vbs scripts, programs or even simple excel macros that can negatively affect production environments.

Last week I got a very simple problem, that can be frustrating for a user. Some external partner of my company created a Excel spreadsheet with a macro that disable all toolbars and hide Excel menus. Basically, the macro cleans all Excel screen, transforming the spreadsheet into something similar to a Visual Basic program.
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How to create services on Windows 2003

A lot of people unknown some tools of Resource kit for Windows 2003, that can be essential in a environment implementation. Twice of this tools are instsrv.exe and srvany.exe that bring the possibility to you create new services for Windows 2003, using a executable file or a vbs script.
To create a new service on Windows 2003 follow the steps:

1.) Copy to server the files instsrv.exe e srvany.exe, that be found on the Windows 2003 Resource Kit.

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