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Most hidden configuration on Citrix consoles (SMTP email alerts)

To receive emails from Citrix Resource Manager, you can set a MAPI or a SMTP address. On many organizations, is much more simple set a SMTP address than configure MAPI but since Metaframe XP 1.0, Citrix insist on “hide” this configuration under a context menu on Resource Manager option of Presentation Server Console (Java).

Even on XenApp 5, the option still there. Is funny because is total different path of Email tab configuration on Resource Manager and is a Properties menu dedicated only to this option. Forgetting the fact that this console still existing, splinting configurations and administration between too consoles.

Then if you want receive emails with Resource Manager Alert through a SMTP server you need go to the old Presentation Server Console, righ click on Resource Manager and left click on Properties.

Then, you will be able to see the “entire” range of configurations of this properties menu, and set your Resource Manager to use SMTP instead MAPI.

After click on OK, you can go to your Email tab on Resource Manager and see the new options.

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