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White Web Interface for Citrix XenApp 5

Citrix brought some benefits launching XenApp 5, and the majors were support to Windows 2008 and a reformulated Web Interface. The new Web Interface 5 is very cool, using the most new CSS techniques and is more smart, recognizing the browser capabilities that each user is using (including mobiles).

Also, the new Web Interface 5 brings the pass-through built-in functionality from the previous version 4.6. Almost administrators didn’t had enough time to upgrade to WI 4.6, and now they can update direct to 5 and get the most updated version. But (there is always a but), Citrix include a black background on WI 5 and this background is not easy modified by console.

This is a shame, considering that Citrix knows that all companies like to have a personal and simple web page to access Citrix applications. And would be good if Citrix add simple functions to console, like change background colour, exclude Citrix logo on footer, customize Title bar, include icons with links on application list bar, etc.

Our luck is that Citrix has thousands of persons across the world, worrying about how to deliver the best solution. Then, a good soul published at a “kit”, including a very clear tutorial and the images that you need to transform your black Web Interface into a White page.

The process is simple and you will take just some minutes to do, but you will change a lot of lines on the original Web Interface code, then is recommend to you back up everything before start and be prepared to become the newest “designer” of your company, receiving request to change colours, images, backgrounds, font sizes, blablablabla.

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