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Building quickly a XenApp 4.5 server for demonstration

Sometimes we need install a simple XenApp environment for some porprouse like training, pre-sales, show some funcionality, test something before put in production, test an application to see if is compatible, etc. and depending of the propourse, you might spend some hours doing this boring task.

But for XenApp 4.5, you can use a freeware called VisionApp Experience 2007 that does all (or almost) work for you. Is quite simple, and you need just inform the path of XenApp 4.5 installation files and Windows 2003 installation files. Also, is recommended to you run a Windows Update before start the installation and run the tool locally.

After finish the unattended installation you can access your new environment through Web Interface. This tool install automatically a XenApp 4.5 with all components including WI 4.5 and Streaming Server. In additional, the tool creates some publish content, publish applications and streaming applications. Ready to use!

Unfortunately, VisionApp Experience 2007 is restricted, installing only XenApp 4.5 for Windows 2003 server 32 bit. This is means that probably won’t work with Windows 2003 Server 64 bits or for others version of XenApp, like the newest version 5. Additionally, you can’t choose options like create a separate DataStore or Web Interface.

However can be very useful in some cases:

  • Pre-sales work, showing how XenApp and some functionalities like published applications, streaming applications, and published content works;
  • Test if some application or device works through XenApp, without compromise your production environment (if you don’t have an appropriate test environment);
  • Training something or install a quickly server to teach something;
  • Test XenApp 5 upgrade or interoperability;
  • You can create a DVD with all installations and keep in your case for “emergencies”

To get the tool go to VisionApp web site and register yourself to download.

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