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PDF Reader with Acrobat Writer on the same machine

FoxIt Reader: This free PDF reader is faster than Adobe Reader and a great solution for a common issue ignored or unknown by many Citrix/Terminal Servers administrators.

Issue: Adobe doesn’t recommend use Acrobat Reader and Writer on the same machine, and when you have this scenario, all users open PDF’s on Acrobat Writer, because Acrobat Writer override the file associations of .pdf extension.

Acrobat Reader is not opened when a user open a .pdf file from another application like Windows Explorer, Email reader or browser. Then company needs to have Acrobat Writer licenses for all Citrix/Terminal Services users or put Acrobat Writer on silos.

The solution? Simple. Install FoxIt Reader on servers instead Acrobat Reader. Also, you can limit Acrobat Writer only to some users on published application properties.

FoxIt keep the .pdf file association and provide faster reader, but ATENTION:

The new version (of FoxIt Reader has some nice features like automatic scrolling, multimedia support and multi-tab browser. But has a big problem on new version, when a user uses the automatic scrolling the CPU utilization is 100%. It is a big issue for Citrix environments, because can affect other users, than in this moment we need use the FoxIt version 2.2.

You can download FoxIt Reader on:

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