Roberto Alves

Scripting and server based computing

Impact of PDF Readers in Citrix/TS environments

Day by day, PDF files are becoming more and more popular and in some cases, more used than .doc files! And I bet that many Citrix administrators never stopped to think how much the PDF Readers are affecting the server performance and scalability in a Citrix farm, considering that memory consumption of PDF readers can be very interesting and frightening for Citrix administrators.

Multi functional printers with scanners that send scanned documents through email in a pdf file are very common, large documents found in internet generally are in PDF, many companies are using pdf format to protect copyright, some companies prefer use pdf against other formats thinking into document sizes, etc. Result: PDF is becoming the most used format at many companies and PDF Reader are affecting directly on Citrix Farm performances.
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Considerations about Link consumption for XenApp/TS

To measure the Citrix XenApp (Presentation Server/Metaframe) or Terminal Services link consumption for an application the best is: publish to users and watch. Yes! Users are totally unpredictable and is very difficult to know every thing that they can do in some scenarios.

But, you always need know how much bandwidth an applications needs to be workable or how many users you can fit in a specific link. To do this you can simulate a user working in your workstation through XenApp or Terminal Services and watch the link traffic in your network card with any link analysis tool that show results in charts. Doing this, you can get some estimate results that can be useful on starter projects.

If you intend give internet access through XenApp or Terminal Services to your users, forget the analysis because anything that you write you will be designated to the near litter available, when an user open a web site with animations or high definition graphs.
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