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Scripting and server based computing

Automating project documentations with AutoIT

One picture say more than a thousand words. Because this in some cases I like to include a lot of images on my project documentations. Generally, these pictures are PrintScreens of consoles and their configurations and diagrams that explain some funcionality.

Benefits when you use pictures instead pure text on project documentations:

  • You are sure that all configurations of that screen was documented;
  • It’s easy to read and find what configuration you want (if you organize on chapters);
  • Is more simple to update the documentation, after change configurations;
  • Is more clear that you made the documented configurations;
  • Using scripts you can document everything using a read-only console, without “admin” access to controls or configurations;

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Forcing PN Agent address with Group Policies

On last year, with Presentation Server client version 10.x Citrix finally introduced a template .adm to administration of clients configurations through Windows Group Policies. This icaclient.adm template is very useful to ensure to you that all configurations were applied to all users that you want.

With this .adm you can do somethings like:

  • Configure single Sign-On for Web Interface
  • Set other user authentication configurations
  • Force policies of drive mapping, printers, microphone, clipboard, etc
  • Force graphics settings like SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration and SpeedScreen Latency Reduction
  • Simple client version control

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.VBS Copying files to many locations

This is a very simple script that copies a folder from a specific path to all servers listed on servers.txt file.

There is a file called progress.htm that runs an activeX control that shows a progress bar, that increases when the copy is done on each server.

On Error Resume Next

source_server = “machine_name”
source = “c$InstallCPS45HF”

Dim server()

Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

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.VBS to remap network drivers after file server migrations

Very useful on File Servers migrations, this script was created and used on login script of 1000+ users after migration from Novell file server to a new Windows file server. The script reduces the calls on service desk after migration, reading what mapped drivers each user has and creating a new mapped driver.

Basically, you need specify share names that you wanna modify and put this script to run on login script. After a file server migration, users run login script and remap automatically network drivers.

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.VBS to compare applications version on all servers

This is a very, very and very simple inventory tool. But can be very useful on sbc environments. This script checks the list of applications on Add/Remove Programs of each server, and writes a result in a table inside a html file.  Then, you can compare if all servers has same software installed or same updates!

To have a reliable Citrix or Terminal Services environment, you need ensure that all servers on each silo are equal, to all users get same applications, updates, etc.

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PDF Reader with Acrobat Writer on the same machine

FoxIt Reader: This free PDF reader is faster than Adobe Reader and a great solution for a common issue ignored or unknown by many Citrix/Terminal Servers administrators.

Issue: Adobe doesn’t recommend use Acrobat Reader and Writer on the same machine, and when you have this scenario, all users open PDF’s on Acrobat Writer, because Acrobat Writer override the file associations of .pdf extension.
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.VBS to automatic configuration of proxy servers at Internet Explorer

Script to be used on notebooks, when a user uses a notebook inside of your company with a proxy server and at another networks without proxy servers, like home. The script execute a ping to a server (that can be the proxy server), if the ping command is successfully then Internet Explorer will be open configured to use a proxy server. If ping command fails, then Internet Explorer will be open without a proxy server.
Create a shortcut with the Internet Explorer icon with the follow address:
%windir%system32wscript.exe “c:program filesinternet explorerabrir_ie.vbs”
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How to create services on Windows 2003

A lot of people unknown some tools of Resource kit for Windows 2003, that can be essential in a environment implementation. Twice of this tools are instsrv.exe and srvany.exe that bring the possibility to you create new services for Windows 2003, using a executable file or a vbs script.
To create a new service on Windows 2003 follow the steps:

1.) Copy to server the files instsrv.exe e srvany.exe, that be found on the Windows 2003 Resource Kit.

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