Roberto Alves

Scripting and server based computing

.VBS to automatic configuration of proxy servers at Internet Explorer

Script to be used on notebooks, when a user uses a notebook inside of your company with a proxy server and at another networks without proxy servers, like home. The script execute a ping to a server (that can be the proxy server), if the ping command is successfully then Internet Explorer will be open configured to use a proxy server. If ping command fails, then Internet Explorer will be open without a proxy server.
Create a shortcut with the Internet Explorer icon with the follow address:
%windir%system32wscript.exe “c:program filesinternet explorerabrir_ie.vbs”
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How to create services on Windows 2003

A lot of people unknown some tools of Resource kit for Windows 2003, that can be essential in a environment implementation. Twice of this tools are instsrv.exe and srvany.exe that bring the possibility to you create new services for Windows 2003, using a executable file or a vbs script.
To create a new service on Windows 2003 follow the steps:

1.) Copy to server the files instsrv.exe e srvany.exe, that be found on the Windows 2003 Resource Kit.

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